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5 reasons why you need car insurance

23 Jul , 2018  

In the modern world, car insurance is crucial. Unless you don’t mind losing your precious ride after a disaster, it’s advisable to have it covered. Most people argue that having a cover is a complicated process and yet expensive. However, today, and thanks to the power of the internet, everything can be done within a few minutes.

Here are the top five reasons why you need car insurance.

1.It’s the law

In every state in the US, it’s illegal to take your car on the streets without an insurance cover. The same rule applies to most countries around the world. Although to most people the cover tends to be a bit expensive, the penalties for driving an uninsured car are much high. The fines range from $5000 to $50000.

Besides, if it’s a habit, the driver may stand the chance of losing his or her driving license or even a jail sentence.


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2.Protect yourself and the others

In case of an accident, and God forbid, there is a high chance that there will be injuries either on you, one of your passengers or even a passerby. This is where the insurance comes in to take care of the unforeseen expenses.

At times, the accident may leave one in a position that he or she can’t return to work and thus unable to provide as a breadwinner. Companies such as Balsiger Insurance offer various policies that can take care of such scenarios and hence take away to worries of the uncertain.


3.Protect your car against theft and natural calamities

Many individuals out there are good drivers with many years of experience on the road. Therefore, the chances of causing an accident are minimal. However, we both know that accidents don’t only happen on the roads. Often, we’ve heard of car thefts which see many individuals lose their sleek rides for lack of an insurance covers.

Besides, we’ve seen cars being totalled by for example a hurricane or a fire attack. The aftermath may be scary, but with an insurance cover, all the miseries are gone.


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4.It’s essential when buying/lending a new car

Acquiring a new ride is usually a bit exhausting and complicated, especially when your funds are low. The worst nightmare happens when you lack some level of car insurance. Most of the lenders are not willing to release the funds or the cars for lending to individuals without auto insurance. Being cautious is good.

After all, the lenders need to be compensated in case of an accident, and yet you can’t afford to pay for the damages.


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5.You might hit on someone’s car

With the rising number of traffic, accidents are prone to happen. You may be reversing at a basement parking and boom! You just rammed into a Lamborghini. We both know that these high-end rides don’t demand little when it comes to the repairs.

The insurance ensures that you don’t have to run away after such a scenario. With the right policy, the other car involved in the accident is compensated and thus taking away the financial crisis that may have erupted.


Insuring a car is vital to both you and your vehicle. Although, many argue that it’s expensive and complicated, it’s a requirement by the law in many countries. In this article, there are top five reasons why you should cover your car and which will help you make the right decision to cover your precious ride.


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Michael Fennel works as a journalist for a publishing company and loves technology and cars. He has been writing about everything gear related for five years and would like to become a racing driver.