2018 VW eGolf Review Rear Angle Close carwitter 300x199 - Trying to drive 100 miles in an EV in 2018 - Trying to drive 100 miles in an EV in 2018

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Trying to drive 100 miles in an EV in 2018

11 Aug , 2018  

After driving a Tesla around Northern Europe for five days last year, and steering a Renault Zoe around town for a week we thought it was time to see if a pure electric vehicle is really feasible in 2018. So we kindly asked to borrow a Volkswagen e-Golf for a week. I’d then drive it […]

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2018 VW eGolf Review Main carwitter 300x199 - 2018 VW e-Golf Review - 2018 VW e-Golf Review

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2018 VW e-Golf Review

6 May , 2018  

VW are about to release their ‘all-electric’ I.D. platform, making this the last ever e-Golf…and it’s only in its second coming. But you’ve got cto think of the e-Golf as the stepping stone, the impractical made practical. VW have done a better job than even Ford can muster, in gutting a fossil fuelled vehicle and […]

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2018 Renault ZOE 40 Review Front Scene carwitter 300x199 - My week with ZOE - My week with ZOE

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My week with ZOE

23 Feb , 2018  

Electric cars are hot topic and they’re only going to become ever more mainstream. You might even find yourself considering a change to EV driving. The EV Experience Centre in Milton Keynes, is the best place to see what EV cars are out there, and crucially you can book a test drive. They also offer […]

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